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Hiroaki Watanabe

It is Hiroaki Watanabe ordered the 15th chairperson.
Thank you for your cooperation.
If your cooperation contributes to the fact that the successful meeting back was able to terminate the first regular general meeting, lecture, social gathering as chairperson on May 9, we thank deeply. Thank you very much.
Well, while will undertake chairperson at turning point where "Reiwa" that is the new name of an era begins, and feel in still more heavy responsibility, but Chairperson Nakayama of having taken up the post formerly follows many approaches carried out, more deep; will let plow.
And we do with activity and, to the first, act for breeding of further consciousness by penetration of ethic general plan, and activity to making will strengthen big problem in this year and support to member Corporation for smooth introduction of consumption tax reduction tax rate that it is as chief approach franchise fitness in legal compliance important point problem of 2019 from bottom.
We will promote administration, the local government and crime prevention, disaster prevention measures, cooperation, cooperation in the field of non-competition including environmental measures to take role as social infrastructure on the second.
We will plan improvement of membership system by expanding improvement of member company merit, communication between members for the third.
In addition, they do, and active dispatch of association activity by publicity work and college course financially maintained by private donations, SV school, enhancement of management consultant lecture, expansion of e-learning will promote improvement of recognition about FC business and personnel training. In addition, we perform alternating current with association of overseas franchise continuously and will strengthen the support system about overseas advance of member company and advances from foreign countries to Japan.
Besides, the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics held in comfortable B World Cup beginning in this September, 2020 of next year wait, but think that it is necessary to fix preparations as side to greet a large number of customers from foreign countries well.
As big industry that franchise business supports people's life, we support rich living by better product, offer of service and contribute to area construction and we run the cause association of thought that has been succeeded as chairperson by ancient people to accomplish growth more and more and will make an effort for Japanese economy development for healthy development of franchise business to the maximum.
From all of you is warm, would appreciate your instructing.

Japan Franchise Association
Chairperson Hiroaki Watanabe
(B-R 31 ICE CREAM Co., Ltd.'s president)


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