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(except "SV school" "management consultant lecture" "product for member applicants lecture")

We have you read the following instructions, and I would like application.


1. You fill out predetermined application form or application, and please apply for application.
2. Transfer give tuition within one week before the date.
3. After confirming payment, I send dossiers such as identifications of attendance.
4. Please confirm application just before opening of a course on the telephone.


1. As for the tuition, I would like transfer within one week before the date. Please inform of application just before late case and holding out of necessity. In addition, on the day you say so one with cash, and refer.
2. All tuition becomes price including consumption tax.
3. Please transfer payment of tuition to appointed bank account.
4. We cannot refund tuition by cancellation.
5. When we are canceled after the tuition transfer, we cope by substitute attendance or lecture document sending.
6. Tuition that had you apply does not do transfer to other lectures and deposit processing.
7. Transfer
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※Transfer fee is with burden on student attending a lecture, please.


1. On the day before holding, please arrange staying on the day in student attending a lectures.
2. On the day you bring identification of attendance, and come to venue reception desk.
3. In the case of absence, student attending a lecture is available for substitute attendance. Please arrive after substitution has identification of attendance. But qualification authorization lecture cannot get eligibility requirements for an examination.


1. When lecture, seminar that had you apply do not reach capacity necessary for opening of a course, we may have to cancel lecture, seminar to be unavoidable. In that case, we refund tuition that you were expected to pay in full. Please note that fee (transfer fees) that customer had payment of tuition bear does not become a target of refund.
2. On account of the charge lecturer, we may cancel change of lecturer or the lecture. In the case of cancellation, we do the handling same as the above.
3. Because you do not bear, approve transportation expenses of visitor with cancellation, other expenses beforehand.
4. The decision of the lecture hold is decided two weeks before the date.


1. Copyright, the publishing right occur in lecture contents. We prohibit acts such as distribution to recording, recording of lecture contents, reproduction, modification, conversion such as texts and third party.

Personal information

1. It is sending of questionnaire by various mediums such as E-mail, mail for inquiry about this attendance, thing about tuition request, customer of participation. It is aimed for guidance of various seminars.
2. We may entrust duties trust point or business partner to achieve the collection purpose mentioned above about personal information that had you provide our association.

Immunity from responsibility

1. About act and the result that student attending a lecture participated in lecture, seminar, and were accomplished any; do not guarantee.


1. About cancellation, postponement of lecture by unavoidable circumstances such as earthquake, fire, other natural disasters, please note that association cannot take responsibility.

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