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Supervisor school summary

Supervisor school summary

  • ●Because, as for the supervisor (store patrol instructor: SV) of franchise chain, relations of both are maintained as coordinator (communication, adjustment) role of franchiser (the headquarters) and franchisee (member shop, company) smoothly, and chain operation is run effectively, in store and office of franchisee, continuous; visit regularly, and carry role to hit management instruction, advice, consultation, and is important in franchise business; play a role.

  • ●In Japan Franchise Association, we work on upbringing of supervisor, and "supervisor school" is the center above all. In the supervisor school, the first is opened a course in in 1977 (Showa 52) and it continues every year to date and opens a course afterward. Graduate surpasses 2,200 people and plays an active part as the center of franchise business. In addition, from 1995 (Heisei 7), we introduced authorized system of supervisor person. We evaluate knowledge, ability, business as supervisor of the franchise chain headquarters in written examination, interview, and this authorizes. In until 2017, supervisor person licensees exceed 1,100.


Substantial lecture program

・The franchise general remarks
・Mission and role of supervisor
・Legal knowledge of franchise business
・Personnel management
・Knowledge (we include tax practice) of financial statements
・Hospitality leader mind
・Solution to the problem technique
・Store diagnosis training
・Franchise package theory
・Control of supervisor
・Basic knowledge and legal question of franchise contract
・Basic knowledge of calculation management
・The behavioral science management
・Commercial domain diagnosis

Characteristic of supervisor school

Supervisor school is composed of various programs as well as SV knowledge.
①Substantial lecturers
 ・Lawyer, licensed tax accountant, university professor, social insurance consultant, consultant familiar in the franchise industry
  We lecture.
②The acquisition of communication skill
 ・We learn counseling and communication, and communication skill with member shop improves.
③The acquisition of financial affairs, the labor, legal affairs and wide knowledge
 ・You learn financial analysis such as profitability, safety, and make use of improvement suggestion and the labor, legal knowledge that assumed number grounds
  To member shop come to be able to give precise advice.
④Training by commercial domain diagnosis, store diagnosis
 ・Real Field investigates basics of commercial domain diagnosis and store diagnosis suggesting approach matter for member shop activation
  And we learn through group work.
⑤Interchange that attendance of new business only in association of FC is raw
 ・As retail, eating out, wide types of industry such as services, people of the industry participate; with new business can interchange.
⑥Supervisor person qualification of association authorization is possible
 ・We carry out examination targeting at theory learning, people of completion of store diagnosis training. In written examination and interview, it is supervisor
  When we do this, and there is necessary ability, we confer identification of pass on approved. We are authorized as supervisor person.

Descent from supervisor school


Attendance live voice

We associated with member shop by conventional experience until we attended this lecture, but were valuable time when it was connected for own growth and company's growth as headquarters SV that every time 1 lecture 1 lecture, own knowledge and experience new things more than were got. In addition, it was time when we were able to have a great deal of stimulation as there was few discussion with all of various companies and that we talked every day. We appreciate that it is over and was able to bring up thing, 40 years old that swing return marks were able to make oneself into on this occasion. Thank you. We think that we want younger student SV to take lectures by all means.
◆Spring attendance is raw for KUSHIKATSU TANAKA Sales Division East Japan sales department franchise section supervisor Masaaki Ishioka 2,018 years
We learned for half a year at SV school and were able to know franchise business deeply. Not only we learned theory from a variety of viewpoints, but also there was many time when we discussed for the cause in concrete case in group. As we were able to listen to opinion of other attendance life while arranging own thought, we feel that we were able to deepen understanding of lecture more. It was very valuable experience that was able to have interchange with person of various types of industry. We belong to department of education and are working on duties every day now while utilizing that we learned at SV school.
◆Fall attendance is raw for REGAL CORPORATION retail unification part Education Section Sachie Funahashi 2,018 years
SV school can learn along a series of flows from business model called franchise to role of supervisor, besides, application-like technique. As education of company SV is OJT, we think that it was connected for deeper understanding by having been able to learn in lecture-style.

Furthermore, we often received lecture in SV of various business conditions and group discussion form and were able to discover sense of values different at all until now. There is few is direct, being concerned with various places of member shop, but is able to keep that we learned at SV school alive now in many scenes as we work in system-related department.

◆Spring attendance is raw for up garage FC support part supervisor Yoshiaki Naganuma 2,018 years
It was very valuable opportunity when we could exchange opinions with people of SV of other companies. Opinion was apt to be partial by exchange of opinions in the company, but we learned new sense of values, way of thinking for idea by exchanging opinions with person of other companies and were useful very much. In addition, place getting knowledge by various lectures feels that thickness increased in mine, own supabaijingu. Because we were able to learn from knowledge that you should understand as outline to knowledge usable immediately on the site widely, in the case of meeting and classroom visit instruction with owner FC, we utilize. We had the training by wide contents from lecture to practice and became very significant time.
◆Fall attendance is raw for MEIKO NETWORK JAPAN West Japan Division's assistant section manager Keiji Nagano 2,018 years

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