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Law office, consulting firm

Institute for Okuzumi management
Since 1971 establishment through consulting of new business development and business upbringing,
We aim at helping as company and company, company and go-between of person.
Large tree law office
It is specialized office specialized in business legal affairs (correspondence of the Antitrust Law, the subcontract method, examination, order of premium notation, cancellation suit, taboo request suit based on damage suit based on Antitrust Law Article 25, Antitrust Law Article 24, franchise business, mail order business) mainly on law of economy.
Nobuyoshi Suzuki law office
We handle mainly on the Antitrust Law, the subcontract method, problems in franchise contract.
The are and sea
It is consultant who is good at "branch location diagnosis" of various types of industry, business conditions including store most.
Aqua net
It is general consulting firm of FC business.
Egg of Columbus
It is management consultant company mainly on the restaurant business.
Lawyer corporation Shinsaibashi partners
We specialize in chain business legal affairs and act as a lot of legal counsels of FC chain ordinary chain store.
Japan franchise study mechanism
We are comprised of small and medium size company doctor, lawyer, licensed tax accountant, social insurance consultant who assumes franchise specialized field and support the "strong, right franchise headquarters" making of by one stop.
Japan franchise research institute
New construction, reconstruction of the FC headquarters, education, training of member shop development support, SV and store employee,
The cosponsorship, business trip seminar hosted by seminar, FC member consultation, search for store article, location diagnosis, human resources introduction,
It is professional group in response to every trouble about franchise including fund, IPO support.
Institute for franchise
It is study consultant engine of franchise business.
Franc technical center law office
Franchise headquarters construction (FC contract making, review, legal disclosure document making) and
It is law office advising for dispute solution about franchise.
We aim at offer of law information about franchise as much as possible.
Minamiaoyama accounts STUDIO - Tatsuji Ito licensed tax accountant office ...
From the results as advisor of franchise headquarters,
In situation of tax practice, accounts, we maintain accounting division construction of the FC headquarters, the internal system, rule in the company,
We are good at the accounting instruction of FC participation shop, tax practice report making.

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