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Association of medium and small-sized business diagnosis Tokyo Branch franchise workshop
It was aimed for healthy development and know-how development of FC business
It is study practice group consisting of small and medium size company doctor of the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry registration.
It is organization working on healthy development of franchise from situation of franchisee.
Association of Nippon Food service
In solving problems that eating out industry has, and establishing management base,
We aimed at being useful for improvement of the eating habits of customer and were established in response to the authorization of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in October, 1974.
Association of Japan voluntary chain store
As public interest corporation which we bring up and support of borane Tully chain (VC), we receive the authorization of the Minister of International Trade and Industry in 1966,
We were established as the private only VC enlightenment instruction organization.
Commentary about "voluntary chain store" is published, too.
Medium and small-sized business base maintenance mechanism
We perform venture support positively.
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The chamber of commerce consists of commerce and industry person of every type of industry, business condition in membership system,
With cooperation with the chambers of commerce of the whole country, we applied to increase of business vitality, creation of attractive regional economy society
We develop various operation positively.
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Blue return society
We try for the bright tax payment and the enlightenment as voluntary tax payer group.
We receive a lot of franchise participation shops instruction.

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