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Government offices

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
It is government office in charge of upbringing of the field of economic industry.
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
It is government office for the purpose of support of management of medium and small-sized business contributing to securing of new industrial creation and employment.
About "revision of the small and medium size retail commerce promotion law enforcement regulations"
On "launching franchise business"PDF
It is back ground that you should know before joining.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
We are in charge of upbringing of the field of agriculture and forestry fishery and are government office coordinating the supply and demand of food in total.
We have jurisdiction over eating out business for franchise business.
The Fair Trade Commission
It is organization which was set up to apply the Antitrust Law that is law that is important even to franchise business.
About "antitrust way of thinking about franchise system"
Generally, it is called "guidelines on franchise business".
Cabinet Office
General regulation reform meeting
There is description about franchise of service industry in the first report "field of distribution" about promotion of regulation reform.
National Tax Agency
Sales management of alcoholic beverages
We receive designation of the Minister of Finance in JFA and carry out the alcoholic beverages sales management training.
3R such as alcoholic beverages containers
We list information of 3R (reducing, reuse, recycling) such as alcoholic beverages containers.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
kaku kameyo working conditions
General information site about working conditions.
e-Gov laws and ordinances search
We can search current enforced laws and ordinances (constitution, law, cabinet ordinance, Imperial ordinance, prefecture ordinance, departmental order, rule).
"Small and medium size retail commerce promotion law" is very convenient for search of laws and ordinances in conjunction with franchise business.


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