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Franchise consultation center

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Franchise consultation center

JFA "franchise consultation center" for consultation in conjunction with franchise business,
Specialized counselor advises free.

You are targeted for duties summary, consultation, and apply for consultation applicant with the following point after checking instructions.

Consultation center establishment place

3-6-2, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo second Akiyama Building 1F
Japan Franchise Association


Duties summary

This consultation center fixes the following items for basic policy and runs consultation duties

  • In conjunction with franchise business, franchisee and franchiser applicant,
    We plan correspondence for consultation reception desk, instruction, advice from the current franchisee and franchiser and solution to the problem
  • We perform the above regardless of member of our association, the member outside
    But trouble consultation out of the member gets the consent of advice and consultant, and only the consultation reception desk situation connects with the franchiser concerned
  • Instruction, advice limit to thing in Japan
    But we limit the date and time and, about general overseas information, are available
  • It supports fairness, neutrality to consultant in all sincerity,
    We cope based on ethic general plan, articles of association, terms of secret strict observance and association

The counselor living-in-seat date and time


Living-in-seat time

On Monday  : From 13:00 to 17:00
On Wednesday  : From 13:00 to 17:00
On Friday  : From 13:00 to 17:00

※On holiday, it is excluded for New Year holidays
The first week X X
The second week
The third week
The fourth week
○=Counselor living-in-seat day
X = counselor is not doing living-in-post
※ Legal advice is carried out depending on the situation appropriately

It is targeted for consultation

  • Trouble in franchise contract
  • Prior consultation about franchise chain participation
  • Consultation about franchise headquarters construction
  • Consultation about overall other franchises

The outside that is targeted for consultation

  • Problem that is unrelated to franchise business
  • In progress legal procedure including suit and mediation; or is completed
  • It is not suitable to treat in other "franchise consultation center"

Consultation application, correspondence method

Telephone reception desk 03-4500-4619 From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00
(on holiday, it is excluded for New Year holidays)
WEB reception desk 24 hours acceptance

Consultation application, correspondence method

※When we cannot talk by consultant absence or answering machine setting,
Callback from counselor should be finished with three times.
(in the case of the above, consultation applicant, please apply again.)



You understand the following contents beforehand, and apply for consultation.

  1. Of consultation by anonymity cannot apply
    (we visit consultant full name, contact information, chain name, store name, the location)
  2. About trouble consultation, we may disclose consultant information and consultation contents to the headquarters
    In addition, we may have you make document which gathered process and problems of trouble
  3. Our consultation center and counselor are not things performing act of acting of the item concerned
  4. About object of legal advice by lawyer, we confirm consultation contents and should judge counselor

Counselor profile

Counselor of this consultation center is consultant who is specialized in franchise business


Purpose of consultant information

We use information of consultant for answer about consultation, communication of interview reservation, count duties
In addition, in the case of torr bulldog consultation, we use when we perform confirmation, communication to the headquarters concerned


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Japan Franchise Association franchise consultation center
TEL: 03-4500-4619

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