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Guidance of the enrollment

State of the enrollment procedure

List of qualifications of member

Classification and qualification of member of association are as follows.

Regular member

In franchiser approving of ethic general plan of JFA, we have the next qualification.

  1. There not being fear that purposes such as individual or corporation and activity are against public order or good manners and customs.
  2. Financial affairs such as individual or corporation and management being healthy.
  3. Clear terms of the contract to affect the franchise system concerned being established, and the content being appropriate.
  4. We carry out terms of contract affecting the franchise system concerned by oneself,
    Being person having example that, in fact, kyosho can do the effect.
  5. Franchisee who has the results more than two years in Japan at the point of application
    As a general rule, being person to have 10 or more.
  6. Cancellation or the number that we cannot carry out of contracts about the franchise system concerned,
    Being person who does not surpass 20% of number of the contracts that there is to the age in the past 2 years.

Associate member

Be franchiser having the results more than one year to approve of ethic general plan of JFA,
It is franchiser except regular member.

Member of workshop

We have interest in franchise system and participate in research activities of main meeting.

Supporting member

We approve of purpose of main meeting and are going to cooperate with business.

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