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Guidance of the enrollment

State of the enrollment procedure

Merit of the enrollment

It is the biggest merit of being member that your social trust is accepted.

It adds to social trust to be member of JFA

Member of JFA observed voluntary disclosure standard (disclosure of the above-mentioned extended information found by small and medium size retail commerce promotion law) of ethic general plan and information that we established by oneself since association establishment.

Accumulation of constant efforts built member company and social trust of JFA. In these days, it just leads to social trust of franchiser to be member of JFA.

We can participate in education, the training aiming at qualitative improvement as franchiser

In JFA, section (convenience store, eating out, 3 sectional meetings of retail, service) which is place of mutual study and information exchange, the management seminar, workshop (legal affairs, foreign countries) carry out various activities and provide place of the training targeting at top management, middle, professional staff. If there is thing which is opportunity of cross-industrial association in this and others, there is meeting to study problem and the latest trend that invite expert, and face, and it is merit only by member.

In addition, it becomes easy to participate in supervisor school which JFA holds, franchise management consultant lecture, franchise business lecture.

※Merit of supporting member
Through interchange with member Corporation who is franchiser company, possibility such as interactive information exchange of product and system development or expansion of market spreads, and new business opportunity is born.

It is merit in both information acquisition and information dispatch

Valuable information not to be readily available, the latest news come to JFA from administration, member company, media, research organization, information network of trade group in the public. We notify member company of these information through the Internet and FAX quickly mainly.

In addition, we issue association bulletin "franchise age" regularly in JFA, and abundant information is placed in the magazine.
On the other hand, in JFA, they send information through homepage and association bulletin outside, and member company can provide various information through this network.

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