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Approach to environmental measures

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About approach to food recycling

About approach of "food recycling" of the convenience store industry

(1) Promotion of food recycling

Led by "food recycling subcommittee," we push forward approach of food recycling to plan food recycling rate improvement of convenience store.
In addition, the approach situation as of the end of February, 2019 is as follows.

The approach situation of the food expenses recycling of the CVS industry

(2) Suggestion, enforcement to NEDO project business

... "artery distribution utilization collection (return distribution collection, delivery simultaneous collection) experiment" and enforcement ... "to demonstrate, and to give test carbonization fuel"

We performed suggestion (MITSUBISHI MATERIALS, joint suggestion with Mitsubishi Research Institute) for incorporated administrative agency New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) "resource saving type, environmental harmony type resources circulation project" (operability investigation to affect advanced food recycling system) and, toward construction of high efficiency collection, recycling system, carried out proof experiment at convenience store.

We will arrange about problems to push forward food recycling in future and, based on this proof experiment, utilize as reference materials to perform suggestion, pressure to country, the local government.

(3) Document about NEDO project business

Downloading of NEDO report is this

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