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Approach to environmental measures

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Approach to shopping bag reduction

About approach to "shopping bag reduction" of the convenience store industry

(1) Basic policy

At JFA participation convenience store, we work on shopping bag reduction mainly on "calling" for customer, but the cause of purpose called ... wrestles by calling out to customer if it is in "at good opportunity to think about the whole" environmental problem as well as shopping bag reduction.

(2) Approach of JFA unification

We worked on "reduction of shopping bag" from the viewpoint of environmental protection and social contribution of company in JFA participation CVS positively from 2000, but there was limit only by effort of the headquarters company and store. Therefore we add to reinforcement, thorough basic approach from before including "calling" as approach of JFA unification from June 1, 2006 and wrestle in "shopping bag reduction" by developing enlightenment activity for the public consumers.

②Concrete approach content
・For customer "is all right as it is?" Enforcement of equal noo calling.
・For employee, we carry out that we use shopping bag of size that was to the product thoroughly.
・We post JFA unification poster (the borrowing in the name of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of the Environment support) on all stores and carry out enlightenment activity to customer.

Shopping bag reduction poster

Shopping bag reduction poster


(3) Current aim number

Because most local governments adopted "shopping bag refusal rate" (my bag bringing rate) while we pushed forward approach in connection with each local government, we unified ways of thinking of target value and changed to "shopping bag refusal rate" from 2015.

[aim number]
Item JFA unification target
Aim number 30% of shopping bag refusal rates or more
※We aim at this aim number being accomplished by 2020.

(4) Shopping bag refusal rate progress

Shopping bag refusal rate progress graph


We carried out the Internet questionary survey in object (1,832) in the public consumers (more than 10-60 generations man and woman) of the whole country to carry out investigation about approach awareness about shopping bag reduction of consumers and the real approach actual situation continuously, and to investigate effect characteristics of approach and future problem.

①Subjects of survey: MS&Consulting company registration monitor
②Investigation period: From Saturday, February 17, 2018 to Sunday, March 4
③Investigation method: Questionary survey by the Internet

[about sample]

  • We confirm that error range is as follows by 5% and, in reference to the number of the samples in public investigation, set with higher than 1,800 samples.
    << Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries >> leftover food statistics (household survey)… 680 samples (*4 time of 170 samples)
    << Cabinet Office >> Attitude survey about food indication … 1,807 samples
  • We are in our 30s or 40s and are in our 50s and, for 10 generations - 20 generations, take sample of a little over 180 people in men and women more than 60 generations each, and being unbalanced according to age, the nature disappears.

Downloading of questionnaire findings is this

About request to each local government and consumers

(1) Toward each local government

About inquiries about approach of shopping bag reduction for convenience store, we hope that we hear from to Japan Franchise Association.

(2) To consumers

About shopping bag which you used, I would like cooperation to have you effectively utilize without just discarding.

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