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About JFA

Photograph which we took of tree and company

Activity contents

JFA is organization which continues carrying out such an activity.


Legal environmental maintenance

  • Collection and reporting of regulation law example about internal and external franchise
  • Submission of request of the franchise industry about establishment, revision of laws and ordinances
  • Development and study of franchise contract guideline according to business condition, type of industry
  • The observance, enforcement of "ethic general plan"
  • Holding of the issue of legal affairs workshop

Complaint consultation, consultation duties

  • Reception desk of consultation to affect franchise system or complaint and advice
  • Administration of franchise consultation center

Organization of the industry

  • Member, expansion of organization of registrant
  • Screening of member

We work on public information, PR

  • Foreign PR of association activity
  • Issuance of bulletin "franchise age"
  • Participation, cooperation to franchise show
  • We work on the spread, enlightenment of franchise system

Making of statistics document about franchise

  • Collection, analysis investigation into information about the inside and outside franchise business
  • Making, maintenance of statistics document of franchise chain

We work on education, the training

  • Publication of various publications about franchise business
  • Administration of supervisor school
  • Administration of franchise management lecture
  • Holding of various franchise business lectures

Approach to environmental problem

  • Approach to prevention of global warming measures
  • Approach to recycling economic system
  • We work on environmental maintenance cooperation for local governments

International activity

  • Collection and offer of information about overseas franchise business
  • Cooperation cooperation with association of all the countries of the world of franchise and world franchise meeting
  • Information dispatch of franchise business of Japan

Contribution to society activity

  • Promotion of CVS safety station activity (we become security, reliable town planning, fitness of the young people environment)
  • Promotion of the "person support agreement "inclusion agreement conclusion about cooperation and cooperation" having difficulty with disaster return" with the local government


Interchange between companies

  • Company top seminar every sectional meeting, holding of information exchange society
  • Holding of new business exchange meeting by joint sectional meeting


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