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JFA ethic general plan

According to ethics "JFA ethic general plan that we built by oneself," JFA measures own action and performs voluntary information disclosure.

JFA ethic general plan is model that we promised that we measure own action with all the members in hope of development of healthy franchise business. We publish below the whole sentence to have you understand contents. Please read.

We confirm that we protect the next matter here to associate jointly while working for development and the spread of franchise systems that franchiser which is member of Japan Franchise Association is healthy, and are effective, and being appropriate, and maintaining business relationship of reciprocity between franchisee, and to contribute to increase of profit of consumers, and to measure improvement of trust and achievements in response to social needs.

1.Proof by experience and the results

Franchiser got value in franchisee, and product, labor to offer, know-how of management should be supported all by past experience and the results.


2.Correct and enough reporting

Franchiser shall provide correct information in recruitment of franchisee and does not do exaggerated advertisement and unfair indication.

Information to contribute to thing in hope of franchiser becoming franchisee should comprise contents of contract, contents which were enough though we judged whether you received the past business results of model shop, investment that franchisee needed, franchise including revenue forecast of franchisee.


3.Competent confirmation of franchisee

Franchiser identifies eligibility as the franchisee about ability, character, the means, will enough on choosing franchisee.


4.Understanding and agreement of contract contents

As for the franchise contract, claims and obligations relations between franchiser and franchisee must be concluded based on substantial agreement by document after it prescribed in detail and definitely, and both people concerned understood the contents enough.


5.Guarantee of quality and maintenance of reliability

We notice that we have function to guarantee quality of product, labor that franchisee sells, and trademark becoming symbol of the franchise system or service mark provides raw materials of good, equal quality, product, labor in franchisee and supervises franchiser to be quality that product, labor that all franchisee sells is always good, and is equal.

About complaint from consumers about quality, franchiser shall plan peaceful solution in response to trust for the trademark or servicemark.


6.Continuation of improvement, development, instruction support

We always act as franchiser in research and development of know-how of improvement of product, labor and development and management so that franchisee can continue raising appropriate profit and continue in franchisee and provide instruction, support and information.


7.The law, observance such as laws and ordinances of relationships

Also, we make an effort that franchiser protects the law concerned and does not do act becoming infringement and unfair competition of trademark of another person not to let you do franchisee and do such an act.


8.Protection of trademark, service mark

It notices that it is common profit with franchisee to protect trademark which is symbol of franchise system or servicemark, and franchiser must make the best effort to prevent infringement and unfair competition by third party.


9.Smooth observance of a contract of contractual commitment

We make an effort so that franchiser measures necessary mutual understanding that instructs and is enough so that franchisee carries out contractual commitment smoothly, and dispute does not occur between franchisee. We do not cancel contract if we do not appear when franchisee violated contract after having made an effort to give notice of enough periods, and to get rid of violation.

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