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About JFA

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With JFA

It is group with history more than 40 years established for the purpose of healthy development and upbringing of the industry.

Japan Franchise Association (Japan Franchise Association = JFA) was established in response to the authorization of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (existing Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) for the purpose of planning healthy development of franchise system in 1972.
We are interested in Japanese representative franchiser running franchise business and franchise business, and member is comprised by company having you approve of purpose of this association.

Franchise business continues reliable development.
Also, the franchiser companies cope with social economical change flexibly, and it is nothing but result that made effective marketing strategy and the superior management system that rationality, innovativeness that franchise system has this have been received by society.

We were active, and JFA always played a multidirectional role as the center of the franchise business industry including the education training about franchise system, research, model establishment, public information, consultation the other day.

In response to change of the times, franchise business providing new product service know-how always attracts attention and expectation in industry.
Particularly in late years it is evaluated in new company, founding, the employment creation, local contribution, and expectation from the society public increases more.

However, problem that you should work on as prior disclosure of information, the whole industry including environment, recycling problem parallel to expectation to franchise system increasing surfaces.

Franchiser and JFA become partner so that franchise system makes rapid progress still more and are convinced in future if it is important at all to open up new age in the whole industry.

JFA will continue carrying out various activities so that franchise system develops more and more.

◆We can download association brochure than this (PDF file).

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