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Privacy Policy

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Our association recognizes importance of personal information, and they apply about the appropriate handling protection as follows.

1.Basic policy of personal information protection

Our association respects laws and ordinances and social order about personal information protection and adheres rigidly and tries for the appropriate handling and protection of personal information.

2.Definition of personal information

Personal information means information that can identify customer individual by putting one or more together in the information that customer was registered with.

3.The acquisition, the use, offer of personal information

We perform the acquisition of personal information by appropriate means and do publication, notice, clear statement of the use purpose and, without agreement of the person, do not do the handling of personal information beyond range of the use purpose. In addition, we perform in conformity with procedure that laws and ordinances determine when offer, disclosure does personal information to third party.

4.The use purpose of personal information

We use personal information that our association acquires for shipment such as documents, answer, notification for various inquiries and Quality of Service improvement, improvement other than guidance about service that our association provides.

5.Offer to third party of personal information

When there is agreement of the person and when personal information that our association holds is based on rule of laws and ordinances, it is offered to third party.

6.Safety management measures of personal information

Personal information that our association has takes necessary and appropriate safety management measures for appropriate carefulness to win to manage, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, manipulation, leak to personal information.

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■Revision, change of basic policy
We change by establishment reorganization such as laws and ordinances and change of the situation appropriately, and, in that case, this basic policy is all released on site. When it continues after change of privacy policy was released and uses, customer judges contents for change to have had you confirm understanding.

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