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The alcoholic beverages sales management training

Guidance of "the alcoholic beverages sales management training (first attendance, re-attendance) hosted by JFA"


■With the alcoholic beverages sales management training

The alcoholic beverages sales management training means the training to affect laws and ordinances about sale duties of alcoholic beverages which the training enforcement group performs.
This plans improvement of the nature by acquiring characteristic or product knowledge of alcoholic beverages as alcoholic drinks other than matter about laws and ordinances that alcoholic beverages sale manager should observe when enforcement of age confirmation for person thought to be minor and sale of alcoholic beverages including indication in alcoholic beverages exhibition place work and is carried out for the purpose of raising effect about security of appropriate sales management of alcoholic beverages in sale ground.
We were required to let we elected "alcoholic beverages sale manager" for each retail sale ground of alcoholic beverages from June, 2017, and the person attend the sales management training (first attendance, re-attendance). Our association receives designation as "alcoholic beverages sales management training enforcement group" and carries out the alcoholic beverages sales management training.

Button: The date schedule, application is this


  Member of JFA Other than member of JFA
First; again
2,000 yen
[it includes one/text charges]
4,500 yen
[it includes one/text charges]

※When you cannot apply from the Internet, application through FAX is accepted. But office work fee 1,000 yen depends on the tuition mentioned above separately. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

The list for some member of JFA company targeted as member price is below. For more details, please see "list of members".

Community store, Seicomart, Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart,
Daily YAMAZAKI (YAMAZAKI daily store, new YAMAZAKI daily store),
Poplar (person of life Aya, living house, three eight), MINISTOP, Lawson and others

Application method

1."The date schedule, application apply for the training you like from this" as follows.

Button: The date schedule, application is this(attention) Application over phone calls are not accepted.

2.Payment vote of tuition is mailed to home later.

3.Please pay tuition at convenience store of neighborhood.
(attention) Please pay by deadline for payment. When it is past time limit, application becomes invalid.

4.On the day of the training, please bring payment vote (or you copy). Payment vote (or we copy) becomes attendance vote of the training.
(attention) In the case of (loss) to forget payment vote (or copy), you may not attend the training.


Instructions in case of application
  • ・It is the deadline as soon as each training becomes receptionist of first-come-first-served basis and reaches capacity.
  • ・When the first student attending a lecture attends the re-attendance training, the attendance becomes invalid. We will have you attend the first training some other time. Have the wrong; apply so that there is not. When you do not know which we should attend, please attend the first training.
  • ・We may have to cancel the training when the application for training number of people is less than five people. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. (on cancellation, JFA will inform student attending a lecture beforehand.)
  • ・We do not issue receipt. Payment vote becomes receipt.
  • ・Cancellation (change/transfer/refund) after tuition payment is not possible. We cannot do the handling of change and transfer and tuition refund for whatever reason when the training is absent from either. You understand beforehand, and apply.

  • Instructions of the day of the training
  • ・Confirmation will be made with the presentation of the payment vote. In the case of (loss) to forget the vote, the attendance may not be accepted. Please keep payment vote (or you copy) carefully until the training day.
  •  ※As payment vote becomes receipt, you do only with the presentation at reception desk, and please take to go by all means.
  • ・On the day we bring
  •  Payment vote (possible copy)
  •  Writing implements
  • ・Receptionist becomes each venue for 30 minutes of the training start time. In addition, there are not preparations for parking/bicycle parking lots. Please use public means of transportation.
  • ・Entrance, leaving receiving training is not accepted by instruction of National Tax Agency. Please attend in punctuality by all means.
  • ・Contents which had identification of attendance input at the time of application are reflected. When correction of contents is hoped for, it takes modified fee 500 yen separately. Please input on application carefully.
  • ・We may cancel by natural disasters. As you publish in homepage, please confirm beforehand.

The training contents

  • (1) The training for alcoholic beverages sale managers attended for the first time after alcoholic beverages sale manager election with "the first attendance."
  • (2) The periodical training for alcoholic beverages sale managers before passing after the first attendance with "re-attendance" in three years.

[the training program] ※Please confirm in schedule list about holding time.

<< the first >>
Chapter 1 Alcoholic beverages sale manager
Chapter 2 Laws and ordinances that alcoholic beverages retailers must observe about sale duties of alcoholic beverages
Section 1 Liquor Tax Act relations
Section 2 Alcoholic beverages business association method
Section 3 U.S. traceability method
Section 4 minor drinking prohibitive laws
The video screening
Section 5 Antitrust Law
The Section 6 environment relations method 
Self-diagnosis check test
Questions and answers
<< the second >>
Chapter 1 Product knowledge of alcoholic beverages
Chapter 2 Alcoholic beverages and health
Chapter 3 Reference laws and ordinances
Self-diagnosis check test
Questions and answers
Button: The date schedule, application is this

About reissue of identification of attendance

About reissue of identification of attendance by loss of identification of attendance, it takes reissue fee (per one piece 500 yen).


(one) Association of Japanese Franchise Chain
Alcoholic beverages sales management training person in charge TEL: 03(5777) 8773
Time in: Weekdays 9:30-17:00 (for ※ New Year holidays, we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.)
As you instruct to post poster about approach of prevention of minor drinking in National Tax Agency, you print out the following posters, and please post on sale ground.

Downloading method: We click the right button of the mouse on letter of National Tax Agency "minor drinking prevention enlightenment poster",
Please choose "preservation in file in object".

Notice of "alcoholic beverages sale manager mark" was obliged to sale ground.
We can download mark from homepage of National Tax Agency. National Tax Agency

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