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Productivity improvement way of working reform short of human resources
Guidance of "it is telework problem solution seminar" holding

Management problem that the franchise headquarters holds rebuilding of brand, improvement of quality of product, service, utilization of IT technique, human resources adoption support, improvement of productivity by simplification of operation lasts for many divergences.
On the other hand, 19.2% of Tokyo companies introduce telework as solution to various management problems.

We explain example, system, system which are useful for the acquisition of basic knowledge of which "what is telework?" and utilization of telework in the franchise headquarters by this seminar concretely.
In addition, you like guides as we observe telework promotion room in venue after seminar and can have you experience the highest apparatus and tool to apply in addition.

[the holding date and time, contents]

Date Contents (plan)
Friday, January 18, 2019
(reception desk start 13:30)
・Summary (definition, diffusion rate, effect) of telework
・Introduction example of telework
(teleworking, satellite office, crowdsourcing)
・Telework introduction in the franchise headquarters
・Point (tool, introduction of system) of telework introduction
・Introductions such as measure introduction, national grant of Tokyo

Hideki Nakamoto (Japan Telework Association president researcher)

Free (targeted for member of JFA)

Tokyo telework promotion center (2-3-28, Kouraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo K.I.S Iidabashi the sixth floor of the building)

[each capacity]
30 people

[application, inquiry]
Japan Franchise Association secretariat training charge
TEL: 03-5777-8701 (main)
FAX: 03-5777-8711
Detailed guide, please use this.

※This seminar was finished.
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