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... JETRO sponsorship ...
Saudi Arabian (Riyadh) service industry overseas advance support mission

JETRO dispatches mission in Saudi Arabia Riyadh in February, 2019 in order to support company aiming at the field advance in the field of service industry as part of "day Saudi Arabia vision 2030" which Japan and the government of Saudi Arabian two countries push forward.
We inspect "SAUDI FRANCHISE EXPO 2019" held in Riyadh in February, 2019 and plan inspection such as the local Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and local shopping mall and are perfect opportunity to have you gather materials examining business development in Saudi Arabia. Please participate.


[enforcement summary]
◇Inspection schedule: From Monday, February 4, 2019 to 6th Wednesday ※Local meeting, local dissolution
◇Inspection :Saudi Arabia Riyadh
◇Contents: Franchise-related exhibition in Saudi Arabia Riyadh, inspection such as commercial facilities, business partner
      Networking with candidate company, market inspection.
◇Object: Eating out that business development in foreign countries is examined including the Middle East including Saudi Arabia,
      Service industry companies such as distribution, retail, education, law of nature beauty, manufacturing industry-related service.
      ※It should be participation in all trips.
◇Entrance fee :150,000-200,000 yen (plan)
      ※It is decided in around the end of December.
      ※JETRO members discount by 10%.
      ※Travel costs and the anteroposterior hotel charges, visa acquisition expense are not included.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Service industry department service industry section
Charge: Yamada, Yamazaki, Kuwabara
TEL: 03-3582-5238

As for the details of seminar, please see this.

※This seminar was finished.


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