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Guidance of "franchise chain headquarters member of society workshop" holding

As we hold "member of society workshop" as part of member service as follows in our association, we would appreciate your participating by all means.

[aim of lecture]
We learn knowledge that structure, function and role, contract of the franchise chain headquarters and legal disclosure document should know as employee of the franchise chain headquarters.
In addition, we learn necessary skill and the bases of member of society such as manners by interactive lecture mainly on group discussion and role playing as member of society.
Please inflect as your new employee training and halfway entering a company training. (entering a company career no object)

・Structure of franchise chain
 Basic structure and variation market size of franchise system and the future prospects
・About function and role of the franchise headquarters
 Summary of duties that 10 functions necessary for the headquarters and organization, headquarters staff perform
・About franchise contract and legal disclosure document and law concerned
 Basic knowledge of FC-related laws and ordinances that are necessary to a minimum in working in the franchise headquarters
・Skill and manner [the practice skill up training] that are necessary as member of society
 ①Importance - business card exchange of the first impression
 ②Telephone reception, basics for objection
 ③To employee who can do it by reporting, contacting and consultation

[on the date]
Thursday, April 18, 2019 13:00-17:00

Our association meeting room
The location: 3-6-2, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo second Akiyama Building 1F
TEL: 03-5777-8701 (main)
FAX: 03-5777-8711

Hiromi Nigaki
・SACC's representative director

After the graduation from university, we engage by major system developer affiliated with manufacturer.
We act as system development and developing upbringing in the system industry more than 25 years.
We are active led by the training lecturer now.
Business etiquette gives presentation in company or the local government of each field,
We have the wide results until communication, the IT system training.
Business etiquette has results for not only new face but also employees more than center field,
We get high evaluation from student attending a lecture in the pleasant training strictly.

Kenji Matsuhisa
・Aqua net executive managing director executive
・Representative of association of Japan franchise consultant director
・Non profit organization company support club's director

It was born in 1968. We are from Oita.
After University of Miyazaki department of engineering electronics department graduation consulting firm,
Aqua net enters the company via major life insurer in 2000.
We centered on member shop development from setup of the franchise headquarters
We perform activities such as management consulting, writing and lecture.

[entrance fee]
Free of charge that is targeted for member

30 (we close as soon as it becomes first-come-first-served basis, capacity.)

Detailed guide, please use this.

※This seminar was finished.
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