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"Franchise handbook" about "franchise age"

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Revised edition franchise handbook

Revised edition franchise handbook   Retail business including convenience store, eating out business, indispensable book of service industry engaged in franchise business!
We gathered up history, function role from compliance to raise mutual trust with the headquarters and member shop in Japan Franchise Association which reached the establishment 45th anniversary from birth of franchise chain for half a century, and to promote healthy development of franchise business.
The most new book following 1982 annual publication, 2003 annual publication, 2012 annual publication.

The Part 1 franchise system general remarks
The Part 2 franchise system relations method
Association of Part 3-affiliated models
Regulation and ethic general plan of Part 4 foreign countries
Part 5 statistics document, chronological table
Part 6 franchise glossary, reference materials

Plan/editing: Association of Japanese Franchise Chain
Editing/issuance: Commerce world
Version type, pages: A5 size, page 370
Price: 2,700 yen + tax
April 14, 2017 issuance

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NEW! Franchise age

Franchise age   The latest information and law of the industry, administrative movement, the management theory place information to serve as a reference such as franchise statistics investigations by our association in association "franchise age" again. We recommend to subscribe.

Every other month
Full color A4 size
Price: 1,000 yen + tax
The postage: Please refer separately

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NEW! The labor strategy (enlarged edition) of eating out, retail business to understand in example

  Non-regular employees are easy to understand the question of problem solution and laws and regulations to get up in each scene from adoption, the employment corresponding to various employment forms to discharge in example QA, and they are books of intelligible manager required reading eating out, regular staff only in the retail store industry troubled with labor shortage.

○Member of Japan Franchise Association workshop which knew labor problem of eating out, retail store well
 Collection of in this and example QA which the field specialty lawyers wrote
○Adoption, wage, working hours, worker management, the making of workplace, the expiration of the labor contract which are easy to act,
 In each scene such as utilization of part timer about problem only by eating out, retail business,
 We comment practically
○About directionality of future employee employment system based on "way of working reform connection law"
 te commentary
Strategy of Chapter 1 adoption
Strategy of Chapter 2 wage
Strategy of Chapter 3 working hours management
Strategy of Chapter 4 worker management (personnel affairs, education, disciplinary measure)
Chapter 5 work breathe; strategy made with the workplace
Strategy of the expiration of Chapter 6 labor contract
Chapter 7 part timer, foreigner, strategy of limited regular staff et al.
Strategy in Chapter 8 "way of working reform"

Person of writing and editing: Takashi Kanda/Rinko Ijima/Ryusaku Kiyono/Rima Hiramatsu
The list price: 2,500 yen + tax
Publishing company: First law
ISBN :978-4-474-06420-1
Sale date: 2018/10/2

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Business and format (revised edition) of franchise contract

  Business manual of franchise business by specialized lawyer of chain business legal affairs, long-awaited revised edition. It is all answer by case method of 99 Q&A and five about the right or wrong of giving up sale regulation, the handling of rebate, labor union characteristics of franchisee group, protection of the store appearance, new problem in the franchise industry including karoshi at store. Abundant format and contract formula to be connected directly with business. We completely reflect revised civil law. One book which is useful for on-site business.

The Chapter 1 general remarks
Q&A from Chapter 2 participation contract negotiation to the expiration of the contract
Chapter 3 franchise contract, how to make legal disclosure documents
Solution to individual dispute in Chapter 4 franchise

Author: Lawyer Takashi Kanda
Publishing company: Sankyo law publication
Version type, pages: A5 size, average quality, page 5760
Price: 5,500 yen + tax

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TEL: 058-215-6370
FAX: 058-215-6377
We can order from homepage of Sankyo law publication.
When we wish to purchase in members of association, we provide at 10% discount.
Special price 4,950 yen
Special price application requirements: After Sankyo law publication directly order, tell, "we saw the homepage of JFA, JFA recommendation book notice".

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The basics and business correspondence (seminar DVD) of the subcontract method which is not finished without knowing

Book: It supports the basics and business of the subcontract method which is not finished without knowing   Pro-company must understand "the prevention methods (the subcontract method) such as the subcontract price support delays" to become basics of business to make an appropriate deal. We will receive administrative advice (improvement advice), and trust of company is greatly spoiled when we perform prohibition act in violation of laws and ordinances.
In 2016, the government declared on a large scale when we reviewed a part of the subcontract method after an interval of about 50 years, and operational standards about the prevention method such as the subcontract price payment delays were revised.
Correspondence such as carrying out the training and inspection of the subcontract method is demanded in future that there is policy that the government develops regulation for protection of subcontract company and is not in violation of the subcontract method about business with subcontractor in pro-company.
It is to thing which we explained with example real matter is what kind of passed one, or what kind of place again what kind of one which we should prepare for and inspector see as for this DVD when communication of on-the-spot inspection came about basics of the subcontract method observance and four duty of pro-company where it is and 11 verboten from basic fill-in of the subcontract method by any chance.
With the Part 1 subcontract method?
The observance duty and verboten of Part 2 pro-company
Business correspondence when we received Part 3 investigation
Special collecting: Viewpoint of periodical document investigation and the point

Lecturer: Large tree law office Yoshiki Takahashi (lawyer, patent attorney)
Collecting time: 3 hours 50 minutes
Sale: Japan laws and ordinances
The list price: 21,600 yen (tax-included)

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Foodservice manager law handbook

  It was made by expert concerned with lawyer, social insurance consultant, authorized architect, restaurant sales people including food hygiene consultant deeply to dissolve legal question that manager faced. Contents (table of contents, item) divide into "preparations at the time of the opening of business" and "store management after the opening of business", and they are published 100 legal question that it is thought in each scene. It is made in manual form along concrete instance, and it is contents which "answer of all legal questions to be concerned with store management if there is this one book is found" in.

1. Preparations at the time of the opening of business
The independent opening of business such as article contract, store design, construction, facilities, authorization, personnel management, social insurance at the time of the opening of business
2. Store management after the opening of business
Management of store employee, labor problem measures, non-smoking measures, hygiene management, traceability nourishment ingredient, allergic indication, store facilities management, advertising, indication, customer correspondence, objection correspondence, gang measures

Author, the supervision: Lawyer Takashi Kanda
Publishing company: Commerce world
Version type, pages: A5 size, page 255
Price: 1,800 yen + tax

The law learning method judging from civil law

  In "law learning method judging from civil law" (written by Takashi Kanai), we arrange things logically and are made from logical thinking that is technique to announce and explain the basics of law mainly on civil law.
Law has image to "seem to be difficult", but the image should change completely if we read this book.
We would appreciate your reading logical thinking and law in charge of supervisor and legal affairs that it is what become constitution to be able to learn the basics together, and legal knowledge becomes essential by all means.
[franc technical center law office, telephone 03-3254-5665]

Author: Takashi Kanai
As for the profile of Lawyer Kanai, please see this.
Publishing company: Criticism company in Japan
Price: 1,900 yen + tax

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