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About correspondence such as the handling of personal information and leak

The Personal Information Protection Law was revised for realization of creation of new service and improvement of security, relief of the nation and the use office work expansion of my number new industry by profit of personal data promoting inflecting while planning protection of personal information in September, 2015.
Personal information protection Committee is founded as independent organization about protection of personal information in January, 2016 and becomes the enforcement of revised law on May 30, 2017.
Member of our association company would appreciate your handling based on various guidelines about collection, management of personal information in the franchise headquarters and member shop appropriately.
In addition, when leak cases of personal information occur, you have you fill out designated style, and please report to personal information protection Committee and our association immediately.


[reference materials]

◆Laws and ordinances, guidelines in the Personal Information Protection Law

◆About correspondence such as cases that cases such as leaks of personal data produced
※There is report style and mention example here.


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