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Isamu Nakayama

Greetings New Year's for 2,019 years

Heartily I wish you a Happy New Year.
We are granted great cooperation and support with activity of our association during last year and are very grateful.
There was concern about temporary influence on economy by outbreak of unseasonable weather and natural disaster, but thinks whether it was one year when economic recovery basic tone was maintained against a backdrop of steady corporate earnings, wage increase or improvement maintenance of employment situation last year.
There was time when cancellation occurred by similar influence about visit to Japan foreigner, but tendency to increase continues, and expectation will be popular with inbound demand in future.
In addition, it was acceleration of social advance of woman, progress of low birthrate and aging, year when various environment changes such as consumers-oriented changes from domestic increase, city centralization and the depopulation, labor shortage, rial of population to cyber advanced alone.
The franchise industry became scale more than 1,339 chains, 263,490 stores, 25,559,800 million yen in 2017. We show steady growth and are doing by planning development of new brand and format with each chain, improvement of quality of existing product and service in 2018.
Member shop shares idea with the headquarters, and franchise system is convinced some other time when it is excellent business model to work on all in one body. We want to brush up product, service, know-how while making use of superior characteristic of franchise system that "Good Idea" is tied to "Action" quickly, and coping with change of market needs.
And we will contribute to rich people's life and economic development by continuing offering valuable good product and service for consumers.
In association, we plan expansion of merit of member Corporation such as lecture at the time of the New Year and general meeting and social gathering, the board of directors, top exchange meeting, joint sectional meeting and each sectional meeting, interchange in committee activity, reporting by cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies and perform eating out, convenience store, cooperation more than fences of retail, service.
It is member Corporation bullet for healthy development of franchise business that is our mission through approach to important point problem including "legal compliance and business adequacy" "cooperation reinforcement as social infrastructure" "improvement of various training" "correspondence to globalization" sequentially in this year and will act for association administration.
In this year, approach to the employment that we included correspondence and foreign worker to consumption tax increase in, environmental measures and many problems is necessary, but we will invite to the new name of an era and pray for it being brightly for one year filled with hope heartily.
Support not to change from all of you cooperates and thank you would like in future.
It becomes Last but not least,, but we pray for your more and more good health and should be New Year's greeting.

General Japan Franchise Association
Chairperson Isamu Nakayama
(FamilyMart Co., Ltd.'s chairperson of the board)


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