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Various seminars

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Recruitment of supervisor schools essential point

Supervisor school is scheduled in 2019 (Heisei 31)

Time Time Spring holding Fall holding  
The first From 9:20 to 16:30 May 22
September 25
※... 17:30
Social gathering
The general remarks, basic others From 9:15 to 17:15 May 23
September 26
  From 9:15 to 17:15 May 24
September 27
The second From 9:30 to 17:30 June 19
Wednesday, October 23  
Consulting, etc. From 9:15 to 17:00 June 20
Thursday, October 24  
  From 9:15 to 17:45 June 21
Friday, October 25  
The third From 9:30 to 17:30 July 10
Wednesday, November 20  
Communication, etc. From 9:15 to 17:45 July 11
Thursday, November 21  
  From 9:15 to 17:00 July 12
Friday, November 22  
The fourth From 9:15 to 17:15 August 1
January 16
Counseling ・
From 9:15 to 17:15 August 2
January 17
SV person written examination (from 10:00 to 16:00) July 31
January 15
※Examination applicant
The fifth From 9:30 to 17:30 September 4
February 19
  From 9:15 to 17:00 September 5
February 20
  From 9:15 to 15:45 September 6
February 21
※... 17:00
Completion type
SV person interview (from 13:00 to 17:00) Friday, October 18 March 13
※Examination applicant
Capacity 50 people
The deadline Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Venue Oh, it is Sam Kanda hall Building No. 1
The location: 3-2-2, Kandakajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Traffic: JR "Kanda Station" east exit 1-minute walk
   Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Kanda Station" Exit 3 is immediate
Application method ①After downloading application from homepage, and inputting necessary matter
 Please transmit by email with "Excel file".
 We accept mail, application by FAX.
②After the application confirmation, we issue bill to communication charge state.
③After confirming payment, we send "guide of attendance" to student attending a lecture.
④As for the application just before the first time, I would like notification to the association secretariat.

Tuition (one person includes text charges, consumption tax)

Member of association 291,600 yen
The public 324,000 yen
※Transportation expenses, the hotel charges are not included.
※Please transfer the delivery of tuition by one on the date.
※Tuition delivered once does not refund in principle. In addition, to other association expenses cannot change.


Lecture name Shah) Japanese franchise chain Kyo chi
Transfer Mizuho Bank Kamiyacho Branch ordinary deposit 1596632

Schedule and lecture are detailed

The first general remarks, basics, control

Wednesday, May 22 ■The franchise general remarks
It is lecture to understand big picture of franchise business. We learn basic knowledge of law to be concerned with structure of franchise business, development process, the current situation of franchise business of Japan, comparison with other chain systems, franchise business including the small and medium size retail commerce promotion method.
Yasushi Ito
(no company) Association of Tokyo small and medium size company doctor franchise workshop's chairperson
■Mission and role of supervisor
What are role and mission of supervisor in franchise business? We give example and comment carefully.
Jotaro Fujii
Fujii office president
・Self-introduction, social gathering (going to be finished at 17:30)  
Thursday, May 23 ■Solution to the problem technique
We aim at level that we can utilize for real SV duties through group discussion based on example about essential solution to the problem technique for management improvement of member shop.
Masahiro Tamiya
Aqua net president
Kenji Matsuhisa
Aqua net executive managing director executive
Friday, May 24 ■Hospitality leader mind
We comment on importance making hospitality as supervisor while we change from the times of thing to the times of service.
Koji Matsuzawa
novasu & hospitality Company's representative director
■Control of franchise package theory and supervisor
We comment on control of supervisor who is indispensable to franchise package in franchise business and the business.
Akihiko Uchikawa
Japan franchise research institute's president

The second consulting, etc.

Wednesday, June 19 ■Knowledge (we include tax practice) of financial statements
We learn about basics of "financial statements" for accounts beginners. Cares of member shop owner and mind zukiya to trouble learn knowledge of tax practice and financial affairs as supervisor (partner) troubled with together by deepening understanding about "balance sheet" (balance sheet) which many people are non-good at.
Tatsuji Ito
Minamiaoyama accounts STUDIO licensed tax accountant
Thursday, June 20 ■Knowledge of calculation management
We learn that we work on financial analysis such as financial statements-based profitability, safety by knowledge of calculation management and aim at level that we can utilize of knowledge by example practice. In this way, we plan improvement of improvement suggestion power that assumed number grounds.
Mr. Toyota sincerity
Freya consulting representative
Small and medium size company doctor
Friday, June 21 ■The behavioral science management
Supervisor scientizes action. And we raise store of achievements low rank 80%. Therefore how are you concerned with manager and the staff, owners? We tell about concrete technique based on experiment plasticity.
Tomoyasu Kohata
Will PM international
Authorized seat of honor consultant
Marketing takes core role of management as function to control company growth. We learn this lecture through abundant example about essence and theory of marketing and marketing of distribution, service industry found by supervisor systematically.
Yuji Miyashita
Kokugakuin University department of economics's professor

The third communication

Wednesday, July 10 ■Communication
We understand necessary communication skill as supervisor and learn interpersonal communication method with various member shop owners.
Haruhisa Sudo
Sudo personnel training research institute's director
Thursday, July 11 ■Legal knowledge of franchise business
Civil law, Intellectual Property Law, various laws including the Antitrust Law are related to franchise business. We explain clearly while showing specific example about basic knowledge of law that supervisor should know by this lecture.
Takashi Kanai
Representative of franc technical center law office
Musashino University law department's professor
Lecturer at Keio University law school
■Basic knowledge and legal question of franchise contract
This lecture is intended to learn universal legal thought through specific interpretation of franchise contract. Therefore it is logical and researches solution to meet justice in laughter and the question series by active discussion in question and answer form that all attendance student participates in. Correct answer is not one.
Masao Takada
Representative of lawyer second Tokyo bar association Yotsuya center law office
Friday, July 12 ■Personnel management
Superman shortage of help more than bubbles, importance of personnel management including progress of way of working reform are unprecedented and increase. In this lecture, we learn management and labor contract, key issue of personnel management that we want to suppress now including harassment in working hours.
Akitaka Otsu
Social insurance consultant corporation name south management representative partner
Social insurance consultant

The fourth counseling coordination

Wednesday, July 31 Supervisor person written examination  
Thursday, August 1 ■Counseling
We hear trouble (problem) about store administration of member shop owner kindly and learn counseling technique to be settled. We learn by role playing to grasp tendency to communication of self, and to make improvement point clear, and to be helpful at place of practice.
Keiko Degawa
CMC research and development lecturer
Friday, August 2 ■In-basket (priority, judgement upbringing)
We learn basic knowledge (importance of process) of in-basket and practice. We perform "understanding of process necessary for solution to the problem" as soon as "we review axis of priority setting of each person" as group work. Of action fall out, and confirm leaking, and can keep alive in the future.
Yutaka Horie
In-basket research institute authorization instructor

The fifth promotion

Wednesday, September 4 ■Commercial domain diagnosis
We learn basics of "commercial domain diagnosis" suggesting approach matter (breakthrough) for store activation through external environment analysis through real field investigation and group work.
Kosei Nishino
Are and sea representative director
Thursday, September 5
Friday, September 6
■Store diagnosis
We actually do visit to shop in group and investigate problems, problem, cause. "Supervisor team" considers improvement suggestion, instruction method by the later grouping. "Member shop team" considers management improvement of own shop, administration improvement and gives presentation in front of all by supervisor and role playing of the exchanges with member shop every team.
Jotaro Fujii
Fujii office president
Thursday, October 18 Supervisor person interview (going to be finished after start, identification of pass investiture, the social gathering at 17:00 at 13:00)

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