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Franchise management consultant lecture lecturer

Franchise management consultant lecture lecturer (order of appearance)

The first corporate strategy (from 11 to 13 on September)

Yukihiko Uehara Yukihiko Uehara
(Institute for Showa Women's University modern business special mission professor)

We are a graduate from University of Tokyo department of economics. Japanese encouragement of industry bank (existing Mizuho Bank) Distribution Economics Inst. of Japan, Meiji Gakuin University department of economics's professor, Pennsylvania University guest professor
Incumbent through Professor Meiji University specialist job graduate school global business graduate course.
Distribution Economics Inst. of Japan's director, the present are directors from 2010 through 2014. Specialty is marketing strategy theory, distribution theory.
We successively hold Japan Direct Marketing Association's chairperson, council for industrial structure distribution sectional meeting, Service Department's chairperson and act as Vice Chairperson Japan health care association, Chairperson Japan health care society now.

Shinsuke Sakagami Shinsuke Sakagami
(market development laboratory's representative director)

1994 University of Tsukuba first study group sociology (economics specialty) graduation
1994 market development laboratory entering a company (market research)
Masters degree course in 1998 Meiji Gakuin University graduate school commercial science specialty completion
Representative director appointment company's for 2,010 years
Good field (cosmetics test, new product development, shelf investigation, design comparison, distribution investigation, IT connection, official approval associated with them, analysis by multivariate analysis, remark analysis)
From 2003 is Kogakuin University part-time teacher until 2010
The present, Sophia University, Showa Women's University, Nagano agricultural college school part-time teacher

The middle Maya beauty The middle Maya beauty
(Comtech 22 senior consultant)

Masters degree course in University of Tsukuba management, policy science graduate course management system scientific specialty completion.
Via NTT telemarketing (existing NTT soruko), NTT Software, incumbent than 2002. We act as part-time teacher in Nagano agricultural college, Sophia University department of economics.
In writing Yukihiko Uehara compilation (2008) "book KANKI PUBLISHING INC. (Part2, 4, 7 charge), DNP emergence marketing workshop (2008) "marketing Nikkei BP plan (Chapter 4 writing cooperation), "farming" Maruzen publication (Chapter 4) that emergence does" to know retail, distribution to take in hand."

Chairperson Yoshimasa Yamamoto
(general Japan Franchise Association's former chairperson, HARD OFF CORPORATION Co., Ltd.'s representative director chairperson and CEO)

Niigata birth
Business outline: Reuse business (purchase, sale of reuse product)
     "HARD, OFF" "OFF House"
     Administration such as "MODE OFF" "hobby OFF."
Niigata Japan Committee for Economic Development lead representative secretary

Kuniyuki Saito Kuniyuki Saito
(incense snow company's representative director)

We are a graduate from Chuo University for 1,988 years.
Through Shibata Bookstore "monthly publication dining room" editor, Nikkei BP "Nikkei restaurant" reporter, farming technique news agency's board member "agriculturist" deputy editor and publication manager, it is October, 2010 incense snow Corporation establishment.
Asia University Business Administration Department hospitality management subject part-time teacher.
Toita Women's College food nourishment department part-time teacher.
Institute for Showa Women's University modern business researcher.
Book "structure of food industry" "structure of the eating out industry" which "organic vegetables tell a lie" others

Homepage: (incense snow company)
Shusuke Watanabe Shusuke Watanabe
(researcher at Distribution Economics Inst. of Japan)

Masters degree course in 2014 University of Tokyo synthesis culture graduate course completion.
Incumbent after editing job in Maruzen publication than 2015.
Specialized field: Store study, local culture study.
Interest domain: Effect analysis of store measure by POS data, technique development of visual merchandising in food retail.


The second akauntingu finance (from 10 to 11 on October)

Minoru Ochiai Minoru Ochiai
(Meiji University's emeritus professor)

After certified public accountant second examination, the licensed tax accountant examination pass, Arthur Andersen accounting firm works (inspection section).
Afterwards in TOMY entering a company, American corporation after the starting for the new post (treasurer) in the head office executive director (CFO).
We are in charge of the accounting, financial affairs, ohajimetoshite IPO, M&A, business plan, overseas business management, IR. Representative Director 2001 CFO college establishment. We teach Meiji University Graduate School global business graduate course from 2004. The present is Meiji University's emeritus professor, techno professional HD auditor et al.
Book: "Business planning of new business," it is a lot of "introduction to analysis of financial statements" "strategic accounts of case study CFO" others.

Hisako Yoshida Hisako Yoshida
(representative from licensed tax accountant Hisako Yoshida licensed tax accountant office licensed tax accountant)

Representative from general General Management H&M research institute director.
Licensed tax accountant examination passes for 2,000 years
2002 Saitama inclusion outside inspector adjunct
2004 Tokyo licensed tax accountant meeting tax practice suit adviser licensed tax accountant registration
2005 Shobi University part-time teacher
Association of ability for occupation development financial management examination committee, CFP central for 2,007 years, the first grade financial planning certified technician.
The March, 2011 MBA acquisition (Meiji University specialist job graduate school)
Book: "Amount of investment limit corporation system for medical corporation" "medical care and corporate management" with "legal affairs of medical corporation tax practice" others.

Masahiro Toda Masahiro Toda
(representative from small and medium size company doctor Toda management support office)

Tokyo yorozu support base coordinator
MBA (Meiji University specialist job graduate school)
Business succession person
Movable property evaluation adviser
We become independent as management consultant via general lease company, advertising agency in 2012.
Book: "We change management in new business!" (joint work), "shukatsu" of "company handbook" (joint work) others.


The third risk management (from 6 to 8 on November)

Yoshiki Takahashi Yoshiki Takahashi
(representative of lawyer large tree law office)

1993 lawyer registration. Tokyo bar association position
December, 1998 patent attorney registration.
2011 Hosei University law department "law method" lecturer.
2011 large tree law office establishment.
Specialized field is overall company legal affairs mainly on consultation, examination about the Antitrust Law, umpire case, franchise and intellectual property rights relations.

Takashi Kanai Takashi Kanai
(lecturer at representative of lawyer franc technical center law office, Musashino University law department's professor, Keio University law school)

It was born in 1963.
1985 Keio University law department law subject graduation.
1986 bar examination pass
Masters degree course in 1987 Keio University law Keio University graduate school law graduate course (civil affair law specialty LLM) completion
1989 lawyer registration.
Masters degree course in 1992 United States Cornell University law school completion (LLM)
1993 U.K. London University graduate school master's course (business affairs, company law specialty LLM) completion.
1996 franc technical center law office establishment.
Specialized field is company legal affairs including franchise contract, computer Internet-related contract, licensing agreement, agency, store contract, Unfair Competition Prevention Law.

Soichiro Kozuka Soichiro Kozuka
(Gakushuin University law department's professor)

Through University of Tokyo law department graduation, university's assistant, assistant professor at department of Chiba University method study of Confucianism, Sophia University law school's professor, incumbent.
Main books: "Franchise contract theory" (yu*kaku, 2006), "payment settlement law" [the third edition] (Professor Hatsuru Morita and joint work, commercial legal affairs, 2018)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry consumption economic council committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications telecommunications dispute processing committee special committee. Representative of intergovernmental meeting Japanese Government (2001 through 2002) about "the franchise model disclosure method" in privacy law united international association (lower uni-doh), member of international bar association (IBA) international buying and selling, franchise, production thing committee (2002 ...)

Nobuyoshi Suzuki Nobuyoshi Suzuki
(representative of lawyer Nobuyoshi Suzuki law office)

University of Tokyo law department graduation, lawyer (the 51st) Tokyo bar association position
1991 Kawagoe law office entrance
We establish Nobuyoshi Suzuki law office from September, 2011
Main book: "Legal affairs of subcontract trading law" joint work, commercial legal affairs
"Business law of economy lecture" joint work, Civil Act workshop
With "the Antitrust Law that Q&A is new finance business" joint work, kinzai


The fourth franchise management (from 6 to 7 on December)

Tomoyasu Kohata Tomoyasu Kohata
(will PM international)

Institute for behavioral science management, organization action safety management association
Authorized seat of honor consultant official recognition seat of honor instructor
Establishment systematizes way of action transformation to raise "person, person who does not do who cannot do it" of lower 80% of organization for the first time in Japan. The results are accepted and take office as behavioral science management authorized seat of honor consultant for the first time in Japan.
Way of action transformation of "customer" of client company is establishment, systematization, too.
Institute for member of Japan action analysis society behavioral science management seat of honor researcher, member of organization action safety management association president
We perform the making of tool of action transformation, system interface design, training of action transformation, business reproduction consulting among many companies including financial institution, government offices from all sections of major producer goods maker (we include IT).
The results more than 480 companies. Continuance per one more than two years. We observe action of more than 200 people who can do it and patternize every year. We continue transforming person, actions of person who does not do not to be possible more than 2,000 a year using the pattern.
We are a graduate from Waseda University department of commercial science finance specialty, Tokyo University of the Arts art department.

Masahiro Tamiya Masahiro Tamiya
(aqua net franchise management research institute's representative director)

It was born in Hyogo for 1,956 years.
Incumbent after the independence as management consultant via Hiroshima University graduation, Fujiya Co., Ltd., major konrutanto company.
Specialized field is activities such as general consulting for the franchise headquarters and franchise corporate member and lecture.
Book: It is "custom of 30 to be happy, and to do your workplace" "telling of franchise headquarters success 50 that we do not want to actually tell" (publication culture company) others "the franchise" "franchise strategy to succeed" (Daiyamondosha).


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