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Supporting member, new product introduction

It is introduction photograph of new product for supporting members

Supporting member new product introduction

Our page is page that was established to tell the member beginning about news of supporting members generally widely. Please inflect for sale of new product, start of new service, company PR including open call for participants of seminar. (publication is free)

− January, 2019 issue −
Update is planned in March, 2019 on the next time

Mona mixer series three articles new sale!

"Yellow berry" "green pine" "purple melon" is sold newly by "Mona mixer" of colorful hue.
We add vivid hue to eating out menu. As it is color that photograph brilliancy makes, photogenic menu is easily completed.
It is syrup to be able to use for various menus depending on idea as syrup such as chipped ice, jelly for mixer drink bases such as soft drink, cocktail.

Load look: L-aluminum carton 500 ml X 12/ case

Image: "Mona mixer series three articles new sale!"

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