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Report and thanks for July, 2018 heavy rain disaster contribution

We give to all of you damaged in this July, 2018 by heavy rain disaster heartily.
The fund-raising of contribution was active to support people damaged by heavy rain disaster that occurred in July in our association.
Put contribution and money of contribution which had you approach from association together, and all of store donation and participation member companies reports that it was a total of 2,323,460 yen.
We contributed contribution which had you approach to stricken area (Okayama, Gifu, Kyoto, Ehime, Hiroshima, Kochi, Fukuoka, Shimane, Yamaguchi, Hyogo) through the Japanese Red Cross Society on Thursday, September 13.
I appreciate your warm support, cooperation and wish you a speedy revival of stricken area.

■July, 2018 heavy rain disaster contribution cooperation (random order)

Regular member Up garage
HURXLEY Corporation
Pokka Create
Motivation switch group Holdings
Member of workshop Sun quest
  General Japan Franchise Association

Chairperson Nakayama (the right) and Section Manager Japanese Red Cross Society business station Takahashi to present list to

●Reference about this matter: General Japan Franchise Association
               JFA donation secretariat Shimamura / riding ground
               TEL: 03-5777-8701 FAX: 03-5777-8711
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