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Franchise contract making lecture

※The decision of the lecture hold is decided two weeks before the date.
※As for the instructions about application, please see this.

Lecture purpose

We learn practical method of franchise contract making that is the basis of franchise system.
Franchise contract is thing becoming proof of promise with franchiser (the headquarters) and franchisee (member shop), but there are a lot of things made by imitation and quotation, lack of understanding of contract creator, and, as a result, in contract, there is case causing trouble. Lack of understanding for franchise contract of the headquarters person in charge is in the background.
As you use practical technique that you learn while making franchise contract in this lecture, please make use for reexamination and review of contract, new making. In addition, it is trained the legal affairs person in charge.
The date Thursday, March 1, 2018 (Heisei 30) from 10:00 to 16:00 
Venue Japan Franchise Association meeting room
Tuition Member 16,200 yen 27,000 yen (it includes consumption tax, text charges) out of the member
  • ①Text with franchise contract sample
  • ②We present the main point and general statement of franchise contract


    • Making technology of franchise contract
      • ①The general remarks
        (legal meaning of contract making, general constitution of contract, decision of the person concerned, decision of contract contents)
      • ②Making of franchise contract


(the second Tokyo bar association position. Representative of Yotsuya center law office)
We are a graduate from the straight Waseda University first law department for 1,946 years, and, via Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Kanazawa Meiji Milk Products Co.,Ltd., the bar examination passes for 1,977 years. 1980 lawyer registration, 1983 four a year Hiroshi Yanaka law office establishment. Specialized field is lecturer at "legal question of franchise business" JFA supervisor school. We experience advisor of many franchise headquarters companies and deal with a lot of legal questions of franchise business.

Target person

  • The franchise contract making person in charge
  • The legal affairs section person in charge
  • Person who is interested in franchise contract

Class scenery


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